Contour detection camera NEW PRODUCT

patent pending



1st contour detection camera to control temperature, and see a ta glance abnormal hot or cold temperature on a scene.

Advantages of the T°SHOOTER® compared to standard thermal camera


This brand new concept of detection, patent pending, much easier, clear and intuitive than a standard thermal imaging camera, no more interpretation, facts on a visible image.

The technician scan rapidly the installations, up to 6 defects can appear on a real image, no more thermal image except when needed to cross checked.

The embedded camera is high resolution 5 Mp, and the LCD display of the T°SHOOTER® was also enlarged up to 5.7”.

An embedded buzzer will also be activated by detecting an abnormal temperature.

The contour camera T°SHOOTER® can be used for detecting abnormal hot temperatures and cold temperatures, the user just has to enter via the keyboard references temperature values and let T°SHOOTER® work for him.

The technician will see at a glance contours of all abnormal hot or cold areas.

To control temperature no more manual cursor must be moved on the scene, T°SHOOTER will do the job and circle – drawing an accurate contour – the areas exceeding references values.

No color interpretation on a thermal image T°SHOOTER make it much easier.

It is also possible to have directly a thermal image by pressing the dedicated icon in the menu.

The thermal image is available in three color palettes, Iron, Rainbow and Black and White.